Some of the things people are saying about Asia…

“I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful reading that you did for me at the Midwest horse fair 2009. I was one of your ‘audience readings’ and you allowed us to help Dagfinnur (Icelandic horse), by relaying the message that he had a lot of emotional struggles due to his previous life/owners, and he was having physical strains due to those trapped emotions. We’ve helped him to finally find peace and know that we would be his forever home. We’ve been working with Rita and Karen since last April (on your advice) and have been blessed with the emotional and physical changes that have happened with him. He told us that he feels he can finally shine. He is truly a story of inspiration and success. Thank you.” 🙂
– Amber and Heidi Parry

“Asia, took Lucy to a flyball practice the other day, like you told me she wanted, and you wouldn’t believe how much happier she was! I was sitting on the floor when the practice ended and she came up to me and I asked her “how did you like coming to this, Lucy”, and she gave me a nice doggie kiss. I almost cried. She is eating better too. Thank you!
– Chris Esposito, 2011

“Our session was amazing. You truly have a gift. Being able to communicate with our beloved dog Sadie after she left this world was unbelievable. It is very comforting to know she is still with us in spirit.It was very interesting getting Sadie’s perspective on life with us. I look forward to working with you in the future also.”
– Mary Saxe, Nov. 2009

“The sessions you give on the trip are what make it so fabulous. True, the dolphins were fantastic, the crew was great, food magnificent, but it still would not have been as wonderful without the animal communication sessions and the dolphin messages.”
– Jane Thomas, Writer, Canada, July 2009

“I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful class on Saturday. While at your home I felt as though I was in some magical place and what I felt and saw was real, but once home it is hard to keep that feeling and doubt starts creeping in. I am doing my best to keep the faith. I am trying to meditate every day and read as much as possible. I truly hope to be able to continue classes with you. You are a wonderful person and I feel I have grown tremendously just from the one day with you. Thank you again.”
– Amanda, July 2009

“I just want to say what an uplifting and wonderful visit I had with my animals. To hear about Frankie’s journey to the other side was amazing. My new cat Benjamin is such a crazy joy. He will bring happiness to the house during our difficult time. I can’t wait to listen to the tape again. It made me happy. I also am so relieved that Grace wants to stay at Melanie’s. It will be the best for me also.
Thank you both again for your help and especially to Asia for sharing your gift. I will be scheduling another appointment with Madison and Lloyd as I really want to spend more time with them.
Thank you again!! It was great.”
– Linda F., July 2009

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the basic animal communication class! It was far above my expectations!! Even though I was unsure of my interpretations when we analyzed others’ pets, it is definitely a great starting block for more education and knowledge. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and the time just flew. Especially thought-provoking and intriguing to me was your testimonial of your near-death experience. Thank you so much for sharing the details of this critical and awe-inspiring event!!!!!! I was so pumped when I left the class, as you confirmed some very important intuitive thoughts I have about God and the afterlife.
Have a wonderful day and thank you so much again,”
– Barbara Fox. D.V.M., May 2009

“I wanted to let you know… during our session you mentioned that Shadow was showing ‘squinted’ eyes, like his eyes were not wide open. At first I could not figure that one out, but later on it hit me… He had a bump that we and the vet were monitoring on the margin of his eyelid, and we had thought it was bothering his vision a bit but were not sure… when he took his treats it seemed sometimes he was ‘off’ mark.

I am willing to bet that the lump by his eye is what was going on when he was showing you that… Just wanted to send an update on it…. I am sure that is what Shadow would have wanted…
Thanks again for everything Asia,”
– Dianne

“I want to thank you for contacting me so quickly in our time of dire need. Asia – it made it so much easier [though still hard] to do what was needed for our best friend. You do amazing work and I wish I had the moola and ways/means to take your classes and learn to talk to my other dog friends/family. Our session was so insightful as always. We decided fairly quickly to do both the energy session and alignment for Shadow since that was his wish. We gave him his shot at his ‘Miracle’. Apparently it was time for him to go home to Creator. We had 11 years of pure joy knowing and being with him.
Thanks again,
with Love,”
– Dianne, June 2009

“Can you believe we have been working together almost 2 years?! I believe that Mooky transitioned to the spirit world at the time he did so that I would be led to you. Such a wise being Mooky is! I don’t even know how or where to start to begin to thank you for everything. The changes in our house with me and the cats have been remarkable. There were times when I didn’t think we would get here. I know there is still more work to do, but we are happier and more at peace than we have ever been. I feel like I am waking up and that is exactly what I needed to do.

The past life regression work you did with me really started the realization for me. Now I find myself wanting to learn about everything – animal communication, healing, opening my chakras and exploring more about my past lives. I feel like when I took that first animal communication class with you that I probably wasn’t ready. I wanted to be able to do it, but mostly because I was so grief stricken and wanted a way to connect to Mooky. Now that I am just letting it come, I feel like I am doing much better. I think this awakening you helped me to find will open many doors for expansion. I wanted to let you know that ever since our session when you discovered the past life when I was Mooky, Punkin and Bandit’s mother and we ran out of food, my relationship with food has totally changed. I was dieting before that session and losing weight, but I was still constantly thinking about food and the weight was coming off slowly. Ever since you helped me discover the root of those feelings, the weight has been falling off like crazy and I am not even thinking about it! I still have a long way to go, but I am confident now that it will just happen and not be such a challenge.

I am still amazed at how many past lives our intertwined in our household – so many lives with Mooky and I, Punkin was my mother, I was Punkin’s mother, Mickens was the judge that sentenced Bandit and Maggie, Maggie was Punkin’s boss, Mooky, Punkin and Bandit were my children. That may seem like enough, but I bet there is more. Where does Gracie come in I wonder? She is the only one we haven’t yet heard a past connection from. All of these past lives in one household, is it any wonder that it has taken this long to get to a place where we can at least make sense of all of this! It is like peeling an onion, one layer at a time. We could not have done it without you Asia!
In the past two years you have become such a wonderful friend to all of us! We all love and adore you and send you hugs and endless thanks!”
– Love, Melissa, Mooky, Punkin, Bandit, Mickens, Maggie and Gracie, June 2009

“Thank you! We took a very successful trip to Colorado! The trips in the car, the hotel nights, were an absolute success! It was like night and day to previous experiences. Russ and I are overjoyed. I have no doubt that Lily is thrilled, too with the atmosphere we all enjoyed. Thank you, Asia, for all you do to help us have the happy relationship we have with our sweet Lily.
The best to you as you move to your new home.”
– Kirsti (Lily whined non-stop in the car and in hotel rooms before.)

“Thank you for following up with us. Reilly and I had a very nice time at the class and I think we took a lot away from it. We will try to continue to use the skills we were working on in class to have better our communication with our horses. Reilly said the other day when Athena had an especially long and difficult training session with the trailer that she was trying to use the communication skills she had learned and felt it did help some. By the end of the lesson she was getting on and off the trailer repeatedly.

I wanted to tell you that when we came to the farm that weekend to get Pretzel she saw us coming down the long lane pulling the trailer and usually she just looks up at us and goes back to grazing, but this time she started heading to the barn and waited for us to take her out to get a bath and go on a trail ride. There were many new things she was exposed to on the trail ride on a forest preserve and she blew me away – she was so brave and really seemed not only to enjoy the trip but to really thrive. I think that when she knew in advance she would go and then return I think it made a big difference to her, [we had a session with her a few days before telling her about the upcoming trail ride.] and she seemed to enjoy seeing other horses she knows and so on. Athena is going to continue to be a work in progress but we are really lucky to have a really amazing and patient trainer so we think we are on the right path for all of us.”
– Mandi Steidle

“Just a note to say thanks for an amazing day!!! (communication with animals class). I am not sure I am any more conversant with my pets, but I received a wonderful spirituality boost. Your playful manner and intriguing stories were a delight. So thanks again…you are truly an inspiring person. Good luck with your adjustments to the new digs.”
— Mike Hart, Realtor, Keller Williams Realty – West, May 2009

“When we were talking with Margo yesterday you kept mentioning that she kept showing you her tongue. I didn’t figure out what that meant until later in the evening. Margo always used to jump onto my chest and lie on my heart purring. When she was exceptionally happy, she would stick out her tongue and keep it there between her teeth for the longest times. No other cat I have ever had has even done that. The reason she kept showing you her tongue was her way of telling me that she loves me and that she is happy now.

Thank you for relaying the most important message of the reading to me by being persistent just as Margo was in sending her message to me.That message is in my heart now forever!”
– Mari, May 2009

“What a wonderful hour it was! Asia you are so great. I love your voice also. The personalities of my two sweet kitties came through beautifully, along with their habits. Just as you said, it is amazing. And as I told Asia, we are SO lucky to have her with us, using her talents to help us all.

I am so grateful for the very comforting session. I thank both of you for your work in helping me through the grieving process of my L.C. and K.T., whose passings came so close together. It made a big difference for me to have heard from them through Asia.”
– Sue P., May 2009

“I wanted to to thank you again for your short presentation today. I had heard of you (my Dad saw you at an Oregon Rotary Club meeting, and you communicated with one of their dogs) but it was my first time meeting you in person, and I want to say your energy just fills a room.

Also, I know we talked briefly about the possibility of you coming to the veterinary school to present for a group of students in the Behavior and Integrative medicine clubs. We would make it a lunch meeting, and provide food, to make sure we had a good sized crowd for you. We can also try to schedule so it is not around too many exams, which helps attendance. The meetings generally run from noon to one p.m. We can be pretty flexible with the scheduling, so if you had some dates that looked like a possibility for the next semester, you can email them to me and I can consult the clubs’ schedules.

Thank you again for your time and presence today, and enjoy the rest of this blustery and wonderful spring season!”
– Katie Kuehl, May 2009

“I saw you at the Midwest Horsefair a couple of years ago and was so fascinated by your ability to communicate with horses. I saw you again a couple of weeks ago at Arlington Race Track and again was wowed. I am currently looking for a job…but when I get back on my feet I would love to have you communicate with my horse. I think you’re great! It is so fun watching you and watching the people too. The tears are so touching, I’m glad your doing this kind of work.”
– Julie Ann Monroe, Dec. 2008

“I wanted to let you know how much that session helped. Thanks so much!
My husband and I listened to the tape last night and we both laughed and cried at some of the comments the animals made. You have a true gift – thank you again,”
– Dr. Barbara Fox, D.M.V.l, May 2009

“WOW! Jane, please tell Asia how awesome her reading was for me this morning! I have been grieving for my cat Allie for so long and finally feel at peace.
ALSO… she described where one of our missing cats (Gordy) could be and was unsure if he was still on this physical plane or not but asked if he could show us how he was and that he was fine. She described where she visualized him which was in a small compartmented place, sort of tucked away with perhaps bundles of wood….and guess what ? He was at my neighbor’s side of the house hiding between their small wooden trellis fence (very box like) and the bushes very close to the house !!!
Thank you so much again!”
– E. Roberts, March 2009

“We would like to take the time to say ‘thank you’ for allowing us to ‘talk’ to our canine family (Holly, Taz, Truffle, and Indy). The things they say and think about always amaze us – especially Holly, but the other pups are interesting as well. For the most part, are most of your clients just as fascinating as our mesmerizing family members? If so, you should write a book about that! We have always believed that we have been blessed with such wonderful creatures – thanks again for affirming that.”
– Rick & Chris Z.

“I just wanted to say thank you for your candor and compassion with what I saw during my meditation during the Intermediate Class. I feel that spiritually, I am right back on track!”
– Laurie R., Dec. 2008

“I would like to say Thank You for showing me the way with energy work. I have taken some classes, but have never felt the energy as strong as after you have taught it – regarding animals or humans. In various ways, you have changed my life on how I think and perceive feelings and emotions. Thank you so much.”
– Mark Kiesow–student of shamanism

“I recently completed Reiki 2 and am certified in Divine Coding (angelic healing) but your class was the best explanation and experience of real energy that I’ve had.”
– Jill K.

“I wanted to let you know that our experience with having you speak with our cats a while ago, the ones still here on this plane as well as those who have passed on to Summerland was so transformative and meaningful. From the moment you entered our space it was obvious that you were surrounded by an energy that drew our feline family around you like moths to the flame. Obviously they could see that you held a special aura of healing, love and light around you.

Aside from how acutely intuitive you were by making specific references to each individual cat in our home, you managed to heal and transform specific relationships with 2 of my boys which has forged a much deeper bond between us ever since.

Also you were able to communicate to me a very special substantive message from one particular cat Milo who was my great protector and beloved life long companion. He has recently passed away, and so I am so eternally grateful that you were able to deliver very important sentiments that he needed to impart to me. I truly believe you were channeling his spirit because you knew very specific things that only Milo could have known watching me grow over the years as a person he so sacredly guarded with love and devotion. I’ll always be so grateful for that conduit of information that you created between us just before he passed away.

You brought laughter and joy with some of your communications. Our cats seemed to really feel energized by your presence. As well as comfort that you were able to offer me about those who we’ve lost and our pursuit to assure that they are peaceful in their new journey. You gave us hope and contentment that our lost loved ones were in a good place and that knowledge was priceless to us.

Your presence was one of the most life changing and memorable experiences, with which I would recommend to anyone who has a sacred bond with their pet companion. If it is merely to validate the relationships or bridge certain gaps or address certain challenges that arise amidst living together, and even uncover underlying health problems, your ability to connect pet with person is so profoundly spiritual and beneficial for all concerned. You are a true blessing to us all.

We have some new personalities in our house now and we would love to have you once again speak with some of our newest beloveds and renew that sense of connection that you’re so wonderfully able to do with your incredible gift of intuition and communication.

Thank you for all you’ve done, we wish you so much peace in your mission to do good work. I am certain you’ve helped so many along the way.”
– Jo Gabriell, Artist, Singer and Pianist, Nov. 2008

“I brought my orange cat “Lucky” to see you at the Humane Society in McFarland/Madison. At the time, you were right on with everything Lucky was telling me except one thing. You said he kept saying “post office” I had no idea what that meant. Awhile later, a friend of my daughter’s stopped at our house and she commented that he looked like a kitten that had gotten out of their apartment when they lived near the “post office”. I almost fell off of my chair. I didn’t say anything to her……I was stunned. She then took a closer look at Lucky, who by now was full grown, and said again that he sure looked like that kitten that got out and was never found. My daughter and her other friends found Lucky at a KwikTrip, very sick with a soup can on his head. After much vet care and TLC he is a fantastic cat. I just had to let you know the last piece of the puzzle had been discovered!
Thank you Asia. I would love to bring one of my other cats one day if you are at the Humane Society again.”
– Sue Burkholder, a neighbor in Oregon, WI, 2008.

“I was so happy when I received the tapes earlier this week from my 2 sessions I had with you. As fast as I write, I could not possibly capture the entire conversation with each pet, so to hear the conversations again has been wonderful and has helped me take care of each one of my pets issues more thoroughly.
I always feel so very happy and content when I am able to talk with you, Asia and I am so grateful that you share your amazing abilities and talents with all of us. You have taken me on a beautiful and blessed journey with my faithful companions and I sincerely thank you for all you have done for us.
I look forward our continued relationship with you and talking with you again in a few months.”
– Colleen Fritsche

“Allow me to thank you again for my ‘visits’ this past Wednesday, November 12th with Shay and Balou. What you do is truly tremendous and I am so grateful for your generosity in sharing your abilities and talents.

Thank you for allowing my sister Sue to be there. If there is anyone who fully understands the relationships I have with my animals, it is Sue. She has always been opened minded and recently opened her heart and home to her own dog, Chilly, a vizsla.

I wholeheartedly believe that my animals have made me a better person – honesty, patience, forgiveness, and to love without hesitation. It feels as though I didn’t really live, or enjoy life until Beanie and Balou came to me. Their loss has been great and weighs so heavily upon my soul. The connection you bridged between Balou and I on Wednesday has given me something I previously thought to have been lost. You read and understood her completely from her panting and intense personality, to her throaty, grunty-whine sound she made. I know the field she stays and waits at – I have known it since we discovered it and it remains my favorite place to run the dogs. Balou – “Bubba” is my soul mate – and I have known that since the day she and I picked each other. I have always said, and meant it, that no one, not even my husband Mark, loves me like my Bubba dog.

I am guessing that you like to keep track of all of the correct things or the accuracy of your readings. There were two that I want to acknowledge that at the time of the reading, I wasn’t too clear about. On the way home, Sue reminded me that I had to place Balou with a family friend for four months while I did my student teaching. I could not keep her those months due to my living/renting situation. You had said she wanted to know why I was gone for so long and what was I doing? At the time I was thinking about the long work hours I kept, but this four months, I am guessing is what she was referring to. It was indeed hard for both she and I. She even ran away once during that time period.

When you were talking with Shay, you mentioned she was LOUD and that she may have a hearing deficit. I did some testing and again, you are accurate. If she is within two to three feet of me, she can hear and responds. If she is out of that proximity, she does not respond. This information has been so helpful to us as it explains some behaviors.

When I asked you/Shay about the dogs she reacts to, Shay brought up a large black dog – at the time, I didn’t think about it but she brought up Tiz, a neighboring dog, puppy, actually, that gets out of his fence and follows us and annoys her. She doesn’t hate him, he just simply annoys her.

My apologies for babbling on and on here. Again, thank you for helping us reconnect and communicate. I have felt such relief and happiness. My heart is full again knowing that Balou is with me and that I can help Shay now.”
– Bernadette Stahlkopf

“Thank you so much for your help on Thursday. I wanted you to know that the Cashel pad I bought for Shadow seems to be doing the trick. When I got a chance to ride, I reminded her that you said to trot with her head low and a nice reaching trot if the saddle and pad felt good and if not to trot short and slow with her head up. I just set the reins on her neck and asked her to pick up a trot, and she did, and it was lovely and she kept her head low I kept her trotting through a reverse and a nice circle and she kept rhythmic and low the whole time! I can’t wait to get out again, and after she gets really used to the new feel of this pad, I’ll ask for that right lead and see what happens!

And little Dakota has a brighter look in her eye, like she is actually interested in the world. My husband noticed it right away when we went out to feed Thursday! I can’t wait to have her work with Mary [Lelle].

Thanks again for all you do for us critters, four legged and two.”
– Leslie

“Thank you so very much for the help with our horses. The communication you gave us was so profound and even though you told us things that we already suspected it was nice to have them affirmed and clarified and it is especially rewarding and comforting to know that they are aware of how deeply we love them and that our commitment to them is not going to change no matter what.

I really hope to have you continue to communicate with them both about every 6 months. I think that would be good for us both. That way we all have a deeper understanding of our goals and commitments and we can provide them with the best care both physically and mentally. We really want to do the class in May as well.

I just cannot tell you how much I appreciate your time and effort and everything you did for us. Thank you so very much. I want you to know when you gave me a hug as we left it is very hard for me to hug someone the way they deserve to be hugged, but I want you to know I just love you for helping us I am so grateful and I am sure my hug did not convey my deepest gratitude but I really want you to know it meant the world to us.”
– M. R. P. and A! 2008

“We are doing better!!!!. I don’t know what happened after we had the session but it seems to me the energy here has changed for better. I’m so happy with your reading and so thankful for the day I was listening to the radio and I heard about you.
I will contact you again pretty soon to check with my other babies.
Please say hello to Jane. What a sweet lady.”
– Solange, Volunteer HSFM

“A note of thanks for the help you’ve given us with our Friesian gelding. He had developed a horrible habit of rearing and bolting as we hitched him to our carriage.
This was so unlike his usual calm demeanor. It was getting worse and worse yet our Vet could find nothing wrong.

Thank you for communicating with him and looking into his soul. You discovered his problem, worked him through it and now our horse is back to his wonderful self.
Thank you so much. I would recommend you 100%.”
– Pam Pritchard, Administrative Assistant, Newsletter Editor, Wisconsin State Horse Council, Oct. 2008

“Thank you very much for this wonderful class… I really enjoyed it and learned a lot from it… I know I am on the right path here and I really want to be able to communicate with animals. I will keep committed by practicing every day.”
– M.

“Thank you, thank you for class yesterday. It was absolutely wonderful. I am completely exhausted today & have even more appreciation for the amount of energy it takes to do this kind of work. I am looking forward to continuing to learn, and hope to take another class with you soon.”
– Amy Elaine

“I just wanted to write to let you know how much I enjoyed this class yesterday. Thank you for giving it. I went home totally exhausted just as you had predicted in the morning. Animal Communication is hard work!”
– Laura

“Thank you so much for a wonderful class yesterday! I am quite amazed by all of it. I have lots of practice to do before I am a bit “in tune”, but I can see that anything is possible.
It was really very moving to hear your story, too. Thanks so much for sharing it. You’re very inspiring!”
– Humphrey, Wally and Blue’s mom Missy. Fall 2008

“Thank you so much for the beautiful experience this past Saturday. [Basic Animal Communication Class] I had hoped that I would be able to feel some type of telepathic communication. I was not. But I believe that you and others in the class did, and that it is potential in me. Thank you for your shining example of love and connectedness.”
– V. H.

“I just wanted to let you how T. is doing. Everything that she said was out of alignment was, and she has had everything put back in place.
She has not been limping for the past four days and is even getting on the couch again.
Thank you for helping us resolve her chiropractic problems.”
– P. and T., August 2008

“Again – “Thank You” for helping us with Indy.
He had a little slip yesterday and I think he knows that, too. However, he has been more careful around Holly – that is a good thing.

Your assistance as a communicator is so helpful and words can’t express how grateful Chris and I are. (Mary Lelle’s healing has been very good for him as well.) As you know we love all our canine companions very much, but we know that Indy will need continuous guidance and attention to bring out the great soul that is in there.

I have entered Indy in a few agility trials in the next month, I hope he does better as I think passing successfully will make him feel more confident about himself as well.

We will be setting another appointment in the future to help monitor Indy’s progress.”
– R. Z., Doctor, 2008

“Thank you so much! I have no words for this amazing experience.
Thank God for people like you…”
– Lucia Wineski. Commercial/Ag Lending Assistant, 2008

“Just a quick note to update you on our boys! They are doing very well with their separate meals and it’s working very well. Everything we learned has helped us make changes to help them “heal” and get along so much better.

Thank you very much for the referral to Mary Lelle. Clyde had a session with her yesterday and it went extremely well! We noticed changes right away and he just seems like such a happier, more relaxed boy.
Thanks for everything!!!”
– Stephanie, 2008

“I wanted to tell you that I believe you changed my life during our session with Lucy Brown Dog. I cannot tell you how much I love this dog–and I have had many. Lucy was such a fun puppy- By nine weeks, I was taking her shopping with me, as she slept on a worn flannel shirt in the drivers seat of my car. By five months Lucy was doing volunteer hospice work with a little boy named Chris, who had brain cancer.
I am trying to figure out how to follow up on your recommendation, {her dogs recommendations! Lucy showed me pictures of Susan’s childhood, very specific issues and pictures}, you were right on.
I don’t even know how to explain, really, our session–one needs to see what you do to appreciate things. My warmest regards and deepest appreciation for taking time to meet with us on Sunday.”
– Susan Burton, 2008

“Since you talked to Jesse he is doing much better!  He began eating and drinking right away, and I got him some special diabetic food which he wolfs down. Thank you for all your help!”
– Mary Q

“Talking with Asia about our dog Jack has had a surprising and positive result.

I’ve always thought of Jack, a Jack Russell, as my wife Mary’s dog and have lived a bit reluctantly with his frenetic barking at everything that moves-including anyone who approaches our house.

When I told Asia this story, she told me that Jack is a baby who loves to be with Mary and me.  She described him in endearing terms and nailed his real personality.  Since our conversation, I have been considerably kinder to Jack, more understanding and tender–in keeping with how I would treat any other baby.  I have been considerably surprised at my change toward Jack, which began immediately after Asia and I talked, and continued since then.  Thanks, Asia!”
– Gary, author of the book, Poise: A  Warrior’s Guide.

“When I began taking animal communication classes with Asia, all I wanted to do was talk to and hear my animal companions. After several classes I could feel my pets and received a sense of what they wanted. It was wonderful and brought tears to my eyes. Asia’s clear and giving teaching method not only helped me, but so did the fantastic guest teachers she brings to her classes. With all of their help I learned how to quiet my mind, breath, open my heart and connect with the loving universal energy around me.

I scheduled a session with one of Asia’s guest teachers, Dr. Julie Kaufman for extra work in clearing out a huge physical block I had in my body. I was able to release a frozen shoulder I thought impossible to heal. Since then, I have started eating better, losing weight, doing light exercises and socializing more. I am relaxed, find joy in life and feel that I’ve opened up to receiving what I need to hear or do.  Life is just beginning and I look forward to the future. Thank you Asia!”
– L. Thompson

“The day after I spoke with you, Erin went out to see him, to perhaps lunge him a bit, do some groundwork.  When he saw her, he immediately came to her without being called.  He would never want to leave his horsey family before.  She has continued to work with him along with our trainer in lessons alone without other horses.  One month later, he is gladly working in the arena again with other horses. There has been no rearing or screaming for his mares. One week after I spoke with you, our farrier came for his regular appointment.  Having shoes was always a bit stressful as he would try to pop up a bit to get away…..this didn’t happen this time. Scotty stood calmly and quietly for him. We’ve had this horse for almost 3 years and he is back to himself, yet seems even better than before. I notice the difference in his face, his eyes and his all about aura of self.  He is calmer, quieter, softer and gentler.”
– Lisa

“I want to thank you for your help last week with Houston. I’m pleased to say he cantered like a champ – on cue, no bucking or shying – and we qualified for the mounted patrol volunteer group once again. Yeah!”
– Laura Domagala, Domagala Law LLC

“Asia Voight has all the necessary skills to become a best selling author.  Her story is compelling, her personality contagious, and her dedication unyielding. In the recent book launch of Pearls of Wisdom; I had the pleasure of serving on her team to launch the book. Her attention to detail was impeccable and her willingness to go beyond the extra mile is an honorable characteristic. She definitely has what it takes to succeed in any area of her life where she puts her focus.”
– Renee Baribeau desertholisticnetwork@gmail.com

“Thank you for your presentation last night.  The audience enjoyed the Q&A and was glad to have the opportunity to hear your experiences.  We were pleased with book sales.”
– Jeanne Huie

Community Relations Manager
Barnes & Noble West
7433 Mineral Point Road
Madison, WI 53717

“As a professional energy healer, I know the importance of being open, centered and clear. But I had an emotional block that I knew was holding me back from reaching my full potential. I had buried it deep for more than 30 years because of the trauma, pain, guilt and embarrassment associated with it. Asia was able to break through that block and clear the energy surrounding it in one session. In fact, in that same session, we went on to do other things! It was amazing. I am now stronger and more focused than before- and better able to assist my own clients. My experience was so positive because of her gentle, kind way of handling my experience that it left me wondering why I had waited so long! Thank you, Asia.”
– Amy Pikalek, Hikari Natural Healing

“Asia is a true professional! “I had the good fortune of working with Asia Voight on the Pearls of Wisdom: 30 Inspirational Ideas to Live Your Best Life Now! book launch and telesummit recently. Asia is a consummate professional. Not only is she a gifted intuitive, she is a successful business woman and leader. Asia was part of the core leadership that coordinated the telesummit. She handled a vast amount of details smoothly, was a gracious host on the calls and brought innovative ideas and solutions to our group meetings. She gave 110% to the project and always had a positive attitude, no matter the circumstances.”
– Tami Gulland, Spiritual Business Coach

“Sara & I really enjoyed Sunday’s presentation at the Fox Valley Humane Society. I hope to take more workshops from you & am trying out some of the techniques on my present cat. I am also adopting a new cat today & this will make me much more aware of how to communicate with both of them. Thanks so much.”
– Judy

“I appreciate you so much, Asia -You are so special and I look forward to continuing classes with you in the future.”
– Cheryl Edwardes Nimmo,Oregon, WI

“Asia, I cannot express how much you mean to Brahmi and me. I have not seen her this full of her essence in a very long time, maybe 2-3 years. You have made so many changes in both of our lives, and you do it effortlessly and with grace and love. The past two weeks since you talked with her about the chiron has been the happiest I have seen her. It feels like if you continue to talk with her the moment I feel that anxiety and angst come up we can minimize how much physical symptoms she has. I have talked with Judy and she said communication with you seems to be the only thing we can do to keep her from severely colicking. She has a plan of meds I can do, and I have her on so many supplements as well as bodywork, but after talking with you she is more herself than she ever has been. I just really need her to be with me, and I will do whatever it takes to do that.  Much Love”
– Barb

“Tonight’s class was beyond belief it was so wonderful. I’m blown away at your generosity, love and non judgment when you teach and work with participants. I’ve been blessed to work with a number of different communicators over the years but when I listen to you speak and give consultation everything I’ve been on the edges of understanding about communicating with my animals is finally downloaded into conscious awareness. You gently but powerfully turn the mirror toward each of us and give us the courage to look at who we are energetically and let us know that we are so deeply supported when and if we chose to expand. You teach us that our animals our waiting for our expansion so that they can connect with us and I love the way you wait with them while gently nudging us with respect, love and a warm, light hearted way of being that makes expanding a safe, exciting possibility.”
– Juli Lynch, Ph.D

“I achieved amazing clarity and focus with the techniques I learned in Asia’s class. In fact, I started using a number of them right away the next day! As someone who works as an energy healer for animals, the more information I can receive during a session, the better. Receiving information visually from animals has always been difficult for me. However, I started practicing the breathing techniques Asia taught and also using the essential oil she recommended, and immediately, two sessions in a row, I saw sharp visual pictures from the animals I was working with. These visual images provided additional information that was useful in my healing sessions. Both owners’ confirmed that what I saw was was 100% correct! THANK YOU, Asia!”
– Amy amy@radiantmarketingandpr.com

“Through experiential methods and techniques, Asia guides the inexperienced novice and the seasoned meditator through an amazing journey of self-discovery and soul introduction. Offering easy, simple access and a safe environment I now have gained deeper insights to my soul’s purpose, techniques on how to access my guides, personal clarity, confidence and above all an expanded capacity to love at a whole new depth.  Simply a marvelous course and a truly compassionate host and guide, I highly recommend this to anyone interested in simply expanding their worlds.”
– Sue Russell

“This last tele-seminar was off the charts. I can hear her clarity and authentic voice extending out to us.  How PRECIOUS and WHAT A PRIVILEDGE!”
– Nancy

“Asia’s meditation was zero to heaven in a few moments. A transformational journey; in the presence of my angels, higher self and animal helpers, transcending all barriers, shattering the armor of oppression and obtaining universal oneness!”
– Sandra

“Thank-you both for your wonderful healing sessions followed by sharing your own personal visions After the two group sessions I have to tell you my dog, Chelsea is doing great!  She has had skin issues that we have been trying to improve for several years. Now her skin is the best I have seen it in a long time. Saying thank you doesn’t feel like it says enough for my gratitude to you all. For myself, just reading your descriptions of the healing whether in water, sand, grass or tables joined by healing guides and angels is beautiful! There is a peace and a calmness I feel after absorbing your words.”
– Sherry Martin

“I am so blessed to have experiencde the power of this group. I am a healer and for a decade I was in a fugue, lost identity was numb to the pain physically, emotionally, mentally in every way. This healing session is a miracle for me. Tears of release fell down my face and felt at peace for the first time in years….thank you for all of this.”
– D. N.

This healing session was very powerful for me. I could feel the left side of my head being healed and my stomach area. The energy felt very warm and very intense. Thank you so much for bringing this wonderful healing energy to me.
– Robyn.

“I want to thank you so very much. This call was so meaningful to me because I needed help and you were there. When you chose me to talk to, I almost cried. I am the individual with Butter (the dog from FB) the one whose personality changed recently. To hear you say that it might be a neurological problem was so very helpful. I talked to a holistic vet about Butter’s issues and she thought the same thing. I needed the confirmation you gave me. Thank you so very much!”
– Julie Kasluga

“December 1st, my mare Victoria didn’t eat and started having signs of colic. I thought to myself, “Should I call the vet for an emergency appointment? I’m unemployed! Does Victoria need me to call or should I just go inside the house?” Victoria gazed at me with a look that said, “go away, go in the house”. I remembered what Asia taught us in class, so I calmed myself and asked my mare what she really needed. Again I heard, “Go away to the house, I can handle this.” In the morning she was standing up and greeted me with a whinney! If I hadn’t taken Asia’s class and learned how to talk with her I would have called the vet & incurred a large vet bill I truly couldn’t afford.”
– Susan Brandenburg

“I am realizing that any effort I put into telepathic communication with my animals is reaching far beyond all of us. This is healing energy. It’s healing me, my animals…..the world. One vibe at a time. Communicating with animals is an unspoken language, a language of the heart. I spend a lot more time looking deeply into their eyes and they into mine. No words. No thoughts. Only quietly listening. A powerful peacefulness slowly overcomes me. I listen more than I speak these days. Listening with my eyes has given my animals a way to be heard. knowing that I’m taking the time to listen to them has made all the difference. A new found respect and honor in basic good manners.”
– Angie Haen

“Thank you so much for everything! This truly has been a life changing experience – on many levels!  For me, my home, my family, my animals and my work!”

I can not thank you enough!
– Chris Peplinski

“I had the pleasure and privilege of listening to Asia Voight’s radio show on animal communication last night. It was WONDERFUL! Please, please, please bring her back for more shows. A weekly show on animal communication and related topics would be AWESOME! Thank you for considering my feedback.”
– Kristin Cramer

“Asia.. Thank you..You are such a beautiful soul who awakened in me what I thought was lost..your light and brilliance are stunning and because of you many begin to see their own brilliance through your eyes..Bless you my dear friend.. Xo”
– Jodene Lynn Sekura


“I marvel at your gift and I am so glad to know you. To see that Little Kitty is doing well makes me so joyful!”
– Mary

“Thank you for all you have donated to our facility. You have a very special gift and the animals appreciate all that you do on their behalf.”
– Judy, Tri-County Animal Protection League

“The private reading and the class were both comforting and confirmed things I’ve always known to be true. Thanks for sharing yourself and your valuable work.”
– Jeni

“I honestly believe my dog would not still be with me for her 15th birthday if you hadn’t talked with her. Thank you!”
– Pamela

“Since working with you, I feel an even more loving, trusting bond between Maggie and us. Thank you for your gift and your wisdom.”
– Cam

“Thank you for your work and your ability to help humans and animals live more harmoniously in the Universe. Your work and classes have taken my relationship with my horse to a whole new level. Thank you for making the world a nicer place to live.”
– Michelle

“Thank you for your help and guidance. The children so love to see and talk with you. You have brought peace back into our home and your insight, knowledge and vision has been a blessing directly from God.
– Terri

“Thank you for another profound, life changing experience. You are truly amazing.”
– James

“Asia has a way of making you feel very comfortable and helps you understand your horse in a way that leaves you closer and more positive. I love working with Asia!”
– Carrie

“After our session, Daisy was wonderful with the house sitter! Thank you, Asia. You are amazing!”
– Sharin

“You are truly an angel! You have given me a gift that will stay with me for life.
– Gail”

“Thank you for helping me speak with Mookie and Lenny. I truly appreciate the connection. You have a wonderful gift!
– Nancy”

“I really appreciate what you do! Thank you so much!
– Candace”

“Thank you for the wonderful weekend spent at your basic workshop. Your warmth and sharing of personal experiences as well as the loving energy in your home made for a great learning environment. Thanks to all the animals too!
– Kathy”

“Your ability to reach out and connect us to our horses and dogs is nothing short of miraculous. My world and how I perceive it has been changed forever.
– Jan”

“You are such a dear, sweet, kind and compassionate person and we are so grateful that you’ve helped me connect with my animals.
– Callie”

“There are not enough words or proper expressions to truly let you know what our sessions mean to me. They are helping me so much on my own spiritual growth path to enlightenment.
– Sandy”

“Thank you for all you did on our behalf for Emma. You gave us hope and insight. We appreciate your efforts more than you can know.
– Ann & Josie”

“Thank you so much for the fun and insightful reading with my girls! I appreciate your ability to connect with their spirits!
– Patti”

“Thank you for your kindness and for the work you do. There have been many gifts for me from our conversation and from the connections you helped me make. You’ve helped me with my grief and other personal areas. Thank you.
– Connie”

“Thank you for making the time to help me and Molly connect at a time when she and I were in need. It is so comforting to know that she understands how much I love her and that she is not giving up hope. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
– Tim”

“Compliments to you on the workshop of “Animal Communication.” It has opened a whole new world for me. You are a wondrous teacher, leader and being.
– Kathy”

“Thank you so much for your gift and your voice. It has made a real difference in how I think about Scout. I really feel she is part of the family and I feel her spirit and soul here.

“I appreciate you so much. Thank you for giving me such an unforgettable experience with the two most important beings in my life. You are truly special.
– Lynn”

“Thank you for feeding the fire in my heart to serve the Animal Kingdom!
– Jewel”

“Sidney and I enjoyed our visit with you. Thank you for your help and insight.
– Heather”

“The kindness you showed Angel and me during her illness helped define this very sad time. Thanks for helping me talk with he, assisting her to feel better and sharing your own stories with me.
– Chris”

“Thank you for all that you do for people and animals. I have a closer bond with my dog because of you. I learn something new about him and myself each time we talk with you.
– Nancy”

“What an experience! I was overwhelmed in a good way!
– James”

“You have a wonderful gift and thank you for using it to help those with no voice and to guide those of us who care for them.
– Jacki”

“I am still in some sort of state of amazement since we connected with each other and with Mojo and Bela. My heart is full. You communicated with them with such therapeutic grace and compassion. The experience continues to be profound. Thank you!
– Jen”

“Thanks for coming here this past weekend. I cannot begin to tell you how you changed my life. I cannot wait for the next class!
– MJ”

“I found your Basic Animal Communication class quite inspiring! It was an honor to meet you and your horses. Thank you for the work you do.
– Jade”

“Thank you for sharing your gift and your openness. I learned not only about my horse, but about myself. It was truly an awakening.
– Cassandra”

“Things have changed so much around our house since your time with my pups. Freddie has not done the incessant barking at all since you talked with him! Things are much better. Thank you!
– Kathy”

“There was a dramatic change in Cosmo after communicating with you. He rubs up against me now and even sits on my lap! Thank you!
– Laura”

“We have a far more harmonious household since the work you did with our cats!
– Lynn”

“Thanks again for your time and talent. Pap has been different since you talked to him. He is calmer and his cribbing behavior has decreased. He can finally let down his stress, thanks to you.
– Kathy”

“You are such a wonderful being, Asia. We feel very fortunate to have your help with our family members. Thank you.
– Claire & Heather”

“I want to let you know what a beautiful light you are in peoples’ eyes. You can touch people at a very profound level with your humor, wit, beauty and grace. It was such a pleasure to attend your talk. You are an inspiration!
– M”

“Thank you so much for the amazing class and your inspiration and encouragement. I felt that I really expanded during the two days.
– Malia”

“You have a wonderful gift, Asia and to share it with others to help them is so beautiful. Thank you.
– Karen”

“I want to thank you for one of the most incredible conversations of our lives. I smiled so much, my cheeks hurt! Totally amazing! Thanks!
– Sherri”

“Our thoughts are filled with thanks for you filling in the blanks. -J
Thank you for helping me with Rudy. I think he was happy to be heard and I am glad he understands better how I feel about him.
– Melody”

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