Animal Communication Course

Have you ever wondered what your cat or dog is thinking?

Would you like to deepen your relationship with your animal companions?

We all use a universal language to communicate with each other, but we are not all consciously aware of how to interpret the telepathic messages we receive on a daily basis. As we learn to open our senses we can develop skills that will enable us to communicate on a telepathic level with all species, including animals.

Expert Animal Communicator, Asia Voight, can help you take your relationship with animals to a whole new level by learning to bridge that communication gap. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about your pets, how to communicate with all non-human species, and learn how to experience animals’ perspectives.

Benefits of the Animal Communication Course:
  • Learn how to communicate with animals and be amazed at the depth of understanding that the animals have about themselves and about you!
  • Become more attuned to your animal’s health and behavioral issues, and the animal’s viewpoint.
  • Animals are extraordinarily intuitive, and often have special messages of support and healing for their human companions too. You’ll learn how to access their insight.
  • Become aware of how your day-to-day routine affects your pets.
Included in the Animal Communication Course:

Six professionally recorded mp3 files, recorded directly from Asia’s popular Animal Communication Tele-class:

Introduction to Animal Communication

Asia Voight has been communicating with animals, nature, and spirit beings for over 30 years. She is an internationally acclaimed animal communicator, spiritual teacher, and guide who is committed to supporting animals and people in making the complete connection of love and understanding in their relationship. Learn more about Asia, her work, and how her near death experience affected her life. Asia will offer some mini-readings to give you an opportunity to experience her highly attuned animal communication skills.

Class 1:  “Energy and Breath Connection”

Learn how Animal Communication works in an exciting, gentle and step-by-step manner. This first class is an introduction to the essentials of animal communication. Learn about:

  • The telepathic link that you already use to communicate with the animal kingdom and how to increase it.
  • How to interpret the different kinds of messages you receive.
  • Get to know the deepest desires of your horses, dogs, cats, birds, etc.
  • Basic breathing skills.
  • How the breath can spontaneously open the heart leading directly to the soul of your companion.

Class 2:   “Heart to Heart Connection”

In the second Animal Communication class, you will learn how to quiet your mind and focus your attention. You will learn how to relay messages with greater clarity and detail between your heart center and your beloved animal companion’s heart center and how to interpret those messages. You will have the opportunity to:

  • Practice your communication skills.
  • Enjoy exercises and meditations that open your heart, increase your awareness and understanding of animals and your receptivity to telepathic communication.
  • Deepen your communion with all of life.

Class 3:   “Being One”

In part 3 you will learn how to become one with your animal companions. You will enjoy this connection as Asia takes you on a powerful, guided meditation in being ONE with an animal. You will also learn how to hold, gather and categorize words, pictures and feelings from animals. Tele-class students were asked to share a photo of their animal companions. You will have the opportunity to hear about their conversations at the next class!

Class 4:   “Let’s Talk”

In the final class we put Parts 1 – 3 of the Animal Communication series into full practice. Tele-class students shared their animal communication skills with others. They shared with the group the conversation that they were asked to write about the previous week. As each student shares their individual conversations Asia will gently guide them to fine-tune their skills. Track the animals yourself, and see how you do!

Bonus Class! “Animal Communications Feedback”

Listen as Asia offers her tele-class students the opportunity to share feedback, ask questions, and gain more insights into how to continue with and develop their skills. You’ll be amazed at how many of your experiences are shared by other students.

Animal Communication Course

Included in the Animal Communication Course: Six professionally recorded mp3 files, recorded directly from Asia’s popular Animal Communication Tele-class, plus transcripts.


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Comments from Course Participants

“Asia’s seminar was amazing. I am a complete beginner in this and the classes gave me wonderful and very effective tools to develop my animal communication skills as well as my all around spiritual progression. I downloaded the audio files and listen to them several times a week on my iPod. An incredible value from an amazing teacher!”
— Claudia Smith

“Asia’s class on Animal Communication was totally awesome! I loved the exercises and meditations we did. They were simple yet effective and they are things I can use over and over again to practice. Asia really knows what she’s doing and having the class with her was a wonderful privilege.”
— Sarah Taylor

“We would like to take the time to say ‘thank you’ for allowing us to ‘talk’ to our canine family (Holly, Taz, Truffle, and Indy). The things they say and think about always amaze us – especially Holly, but the other pups are interesting as well. For the most part, are most of your clients just as fascinating as our mesmerizing family members? If so you should write a book about that! We have always believed that we have been blessed with such wonderful creatures – thanks again for affirming that.”
— Rick & Chris Z.

“Asia’s gifts include her teaching ability. Her warmth and professionalism provide a strong foundation for her classes. She creates an inclusive, supportive environment, encouraging and celebrating each students learning. Asia’s personal experiences and anecdotes entertain as she leads her students toward better communication with animals.”
— Barb Stanek, College Teacher for 30 years

“Asia, took Lucy to a flyball practice the other day, like you told me she wanted, and you wouldn’t believe how much happier she was! I was sitting on the floor when the practice ended and she came up to me and I asked her “how did you like coming to this, Lucy”, and she gave me a nice doggie kiss. I almost cried. She is eating better too. Thank you!
— Chris Esposito

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