Animal Communications with Asia Voight

Telephone Appointments

Because animal communication is telepathic, it is not necessary for Asia to be in the presence of your animal. Telephone consultations are as successful as in-person ones and more time efficient for both you and Asia. Asia will connect with your animal by first looking at a picture of your animal companion or reading over their physical description. She will then ask her/him if it’s okay if they talk today. Once she gets an ‘Yes’, she’ll hold open a connection between herself and your animal during the entire consultation.

Asia will listen to whatever your animal wants to say first, relay this to you, relay your response to your animal, then your questions. (Most of the time the animals will answer all of the questions on the list without ever “hearing” them!) Often an answer will build upon another question and so on. This process continues until both you and your animal feel complete. (It is a good idea to have a list of questions for your animal prepared prior to the consultation so nothing is forgotten.) Remember, our animals want to communicate with us, so they’re usually happy and relieved by the process.

Most of the time the animal will just lay or stand there quietly not looking like they are doing much. This is because they are paying close attention to the conversation. Animals and their people find consultations enjoyable and enlightening.

Asia communicates with animals on the earth plane and those who have passed over.

Asia does not work with lost or stolen animals.

Emergencies: Asia may have a few emergency sessions available. Please email to see if there is an emergency appointment available.



Asia has a new assistant that is helping her with her busy Animal Communication schedule. Those who are budget conscious at this time will find that Julie’s prices are less than Asia’s. See Julie’s bio and schedule an appointment with her HERE.

If you need assistance contact us.


Appointments are 30 minutes or 1 hour in length and include an mp3 recording. The recording will be emailed to you the day after your session.

No. of AnimalsAppt. LengthCost
130 minutes$160
11 hour$250
230 minutes$210
21 hour$250
31 hour$300
41 hour$350
5 or morePlease contact me.
For emergencies, contact Asia.


Once a session is scheduled, payment is required to reserve your space. PayPal and Credit Cards accepted.

Emergencies: Asia may have a few emergency sessions available. Please email to see if there is an emergency appointment available.


If you need assistance contact us.

Phone call and preparation

You will call Asia from a phone with reliably clear reception – land line preferred. Have only one person on the line and do not use a speaker phone. The phone number will be given to you when your appointment is confirmed. You and your animals should just be relaxing in your own routine spaces; you do not need to be together. It’s a good idea to write down the topics you’d like to discuss. Our animals are very intuitive and understand a lot more than we may think, so be open to what your animal has to say!

Refund/reschedule policy

Cancellations with less than three days notice will not be refunded unless the spot can be filled.

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