Comments from Course Participants

“Asia’s seminar was amazing. I am a complete beginner in this and the classes gave me wonderful and very effective tools to develop my animal communication skills as well as my all around spiritual progression. I downloaded the audio files and listen to them several times a week on my iPod. An incredible value from an amazing teacher!”
— Claudia Smith

“Asia’s class on Animal Communication was totally awesome! I loved the exercises and meditations we did. They were simple yet effective and they are things I can use over and over again to practice. Asia really knows what she’s doing and having the class with her was a wonderful privilege.”
— Sarah Taylor

“We would like to take the time to say ‘thank you’ for allowing us to ‘talk’ to our canine family (Holly, Taz, Truffle, and Indy). The things they say and think about always amaze us – especially Holly, but the other pups are interesting as well. For the most part, are most of your clients just as fascinating as our mesmerizing family members? If so you should write a book about that! We have always believed that we have been blessed with such wonderful creatures – thanks again for affirming that.”
— Rick & Chris Z.

“Asia’s gifts include her teaching ability. Her warmth and professionalism provide a strong foundation for her classes. She creates an inclusive, supportive environment, encouraging and celebrating each students learning. Asia’s personal experiences and anecdotes entertain as she leads her students toward better communication with animals.”
— Barb Stanek, College Teacher for 30 years

“Asia, took Lucy to a flyball practice the other day, like you told me she wanted, and you wouldn’t believe how much happier she was! I was sitting on the floor when the practice ended and she came up to me and I asked her “how did you like coming to this, Lucy”, and she gave me a nice doggie kiss. I almost cried. She is eating better too. Thank you!
— Chris Esposito

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