Differently-Abled Pets – Setting Your Pet Down Right

When your pet has a health challenge, America’s Animal Communication Expert, Asia Voight gives tips on helping your pets live a stress-free life from their perspective.  

As we age, we often encounter challenges with our bodies or senses. Illness, or injury can require us to learn new ways of moving and communicating. Situations such as stroke, arthritis or hearing and sight impairments can give us a different perspective on the world.

The same can be true for our animal companions. Animals who are well cared for are living longer lives and facing new challenges along with their age. Your dog may lose his hearing or sight. Your cat may not be able to jump up on the bed as easily. Arthritis or hip dysplasia can keep a formerly active dog indoors.

Being able to communicate with your animals telepathically can help you give your aging or infirm companions a more easeful life. If your older dog is hard of hearing, being able to connect and ask your dog to ‘come’ to you could save his life. Imagine if your older pet with arthritis wandered off into the woods and became lost? Being able to connect and guide your beloved pet home, or even getting a picture of where he is, can help him return home safely.

I have experienced this first-hand. When I was in the Intensive Care Burn Unit on a ventilator, unable to move or see, my favorite nurse was the one who would gently explain to me every time what medical or body moving procedure they were going to do to me before they did it. My anxiety was reduced tremendously. I felt honored and cared for. She did not think of me as an almost dead, unconscious being and I could feel her supportive energy.

In this video, I share some tips I have learned from my little Maltese dog, Pearl. Pearl is a ‘senior pet’ who had a stroke, can barely hear, is missing an eye and is almost blind in her other eye. Being able to communicate with Pearl, even just to say, “I’m going to set you down on the gravel driveway,” has made a world of difference in her quality of life.

Becoming aware of your older pet’s needs through communication can go a long way to understanding the needs of the human senior population, and possibly your own needs when you are facing health challenges.

What changes have you made to accommodate a differently-abled pet? 
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ASIA VOIGHT  is an internationally known Animal Communicator, Intuitive Counselor, Teacher, Inspirational Speaker, Radio Host and Author. Asia connects with animals on a soul level to help resolve emotional and behavioral issues and assists them in deepening their bond with their human companions. She also helps people to reconnect with their own intuition, healing ability, potential and life’s purpose. Asia’s work has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox TV as well as countless radio shows like Rick Lamb, Coast-to-Coast and Hay House. Connect with Asia on Facebook and Twitter.

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