Dog Suds

Dog Suds Plus Pet Talk: What Do You Get?

A big, wet dog frantically running around your house, or a terrified cat trying to scratch your eyeballs out?

If you have a pet, you’ve had to bathe them. Was the situation pretty hairy? I mean lots of hair (walls, you, carpeting…) where you didn’t want it, because you lost complete control of your animal companion. You feared the neighbors would call the cops because your cat was screaming so loudly.

I’ve got some incredibly helpful tips for you to help calm your pet during bath time.  Whether you are a professional groomer, a wanna-be, or a fur mom looking for help, you will find this article invaluable.

I interviewed Jamie Hagenow of Pet Parlour in Mt Horeb, Wisconsin. Jamie attended my animal communication trainings and, from my advice, turned animal communication into a clear 4-step process for successfully grooming your pets.

Here’s how Jamie handles that hairy situation:


“I am so thankful to have found Asia Voight. Her work with animals has given me more tools to successfully work with my unique and ever changing dog and cat clients. In grooming school, we never covered how to handle the emotional and spiritual aspects of working with pets. I learned those things through Asia’s teachings.

Powerful Intention of Connection – Asia emphasizes making a clear statement of intent of your desired goal between you and your animal client. Before working with Asia, I would say hi to the dog, listen to what their owner wanted and start working. Now I do that and I make a powerful intention of connection with the dog or cat. I either speak out loud or in my mind things like, “I’m here to make you look beautiful and really listen to you. If something I do makes you uneasy, tense or scared, let me know. I’m working on hearing you telepathically so you don’t feel uncomfortable in any way.  I’m here to give you total support.” Almost immediately, I see the dogs and cats relax.

Visualization – After I state my intention with my animal clients, I add visualization with an animal communication twist to the entire grooming process. In my head, I visualize the bathing process, including sending thoughts of their soft muscles in the warm water. I see these images and sensations going into the dog’s mind. I then visualize them calmly getting in and out of the tub. I move on to brushing, nail trimming, scissor and shaving images adding joy and love to each part. If I feel any tension coming back to me after I send the animal this picture, I show them an alternative grooming option. If I feel a calming sensation in my heart, as Asia taught me to be aware of, I know this is the right way with this dog. It only takes a few minutes of extra time to connect with the animals in this way and makes for a quicker, smoother session – and a much more happy cat or dog!

Grounding & Centering – During Asia’s coursework, we talked about being quiet in your body and mind and allowing space for communication from pets. If our minds are filled with our “to do” list, there’s no way a dog’s messages of, “Don’t touch there, I’m sore,” or “Trim my ear and I’ll nip you,” will ever make its way into our conscious mind. When I’m grounded and centered, the animal’s messages find their way into my heart, body and mind much easier. My employees like me better, too!

Running a pet salon is a lot of work. I wear several “hats” such as cleaning woman, groomer, receptionist, mediator and accountant. Some days I’m so busy I just want to scream! If I find myself thinking, Oh no, not another matted, bur-filled muddy pet! I know I’ve hit a wall in the presence of a new client. Quickly, I need a way to shift out of my tension and authentically get into a heart-filled space. I’ve tried other relaxation methods before, but I found after 30 seconds I couldn’t focus. Asia taught me how to use my own meaningful images, including nature and my cabin up north on the lake surrounded by rich smelling pine trees. This does the trick and immediately moves me into a place of peace. In this relaxed and connected environment, I create happy pets which equals a happy pet parent and financial abundance for my business.

Talking Touch – The other big tip I received from Asia is “Talking Touch.” Because grooming is so hands-on, there are multiple opportunities to use your hands as a communication tool. I’m not only looking at situations like when a dog’s skin ripples in agitation when I move their body, potentially leading to a bite or ear curdling scream, I’m talking about feeling the energy of the dog through my hands in a deeper way. When I move with connection, I can alter the pressure or slow down before the animal needs to hit the “alarm” button. Many times, animals can be stoic. You have no idea by their physical stature that they’re upset. Being able to hear them telepathically solves this problem.

Asia’s animal communication methods are like moving into a Zen way of connecting with the dogs and cats, making peaceful and happy pets. Their human guardians can’t help but refer me to their friends when they see their relaxed fur babies.

Being able to deeply connect with animals in my line of work allows me step into a new way of servicing my clients. Using meditation, visualization and talking through touch are all parts of animal communication. They are no longer dubious techniques from the past, but essential practices for being on the leading edge of growing my business. Pet communication in animal grooming is the next wave of the future!”

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4 Responses to Dog Suds
  1. Penny
    October 1, 2014 | 8:16 am

    I’m not quite at this level yet. Maybe because I am working more with my own girls than others. Working with your own pets seems harder. I think my pup-girls think I’m brighter and quicker than I am. I keep telling them to slow down and say it loud because I’m still learning and a little slowish. 😀

  2. Asia Voight
    October 1, 2014 | 4:55 pm

    Keep practicing Penny! And believe that your pup-girls are right!

  3. Jamie Hagenow
    October 2, 2014 | 4:56 pm

    I encounter people who sometimes do not really understand what I do. They think I play with animals all day, whereas in actuality, I perform a service to maintain their health and well-being. Routine grooming is a necessity for a happy and balanced pet. Whether it can be done successfully by the owner or they decide to enlist the help of a professional, the necessary cooperation is a learned behavior. I have benefited immensely from my ability to communicate with my pet clients; from teaching a puppy to be still enough to trim by its eyes, to the rescued pet who is fearful of a forced air dryer. The use of reason and logic is futile so I have learned to “speak their language” through my thoughts and behavior. Asia has been an amazing influence and inspiration in the growth and development of my ability to do so. I am so very thankful to have her in my life!

  4. Tanya McKown
    October 8, 2014 | 8:48 pm

    I like hearing these examples of people/animal communication in everyday situations because it helps me experience the potential in my own life with animals.

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