3 Ways to Hear Messages from Your Animal Companions
at the Fox Valley Humane Association, Appleton, WI
April 5 – 7, 2013


Are you ready to connect and hear messages of TRANSFORMATION from
your pets that will change lives…most importantly, your own?

  • What would it mean to you if you could hear your dog, cat or horses’ inner thoughts?
  • Would it end misunderstandings and struggles if you knew what your pets wanted?
  • Would finding PEACE with your furry loved ones bring YOU peace in EVERY area of your life?

You bet it would! Let me show you how!

Choose below from 3 options to create a profound connection with your animals
and change the path of your life. Pick one, two or three options!

Who should attend Asia’s Event?

In the last 16 years all types of people have attended Asia’s classes:
mothers, artists, veterinarians, groomers, healers, non-profits, dog trainers, students, police officers and many others who want to learn how to hear their animals communicate with them and they are reaping huge benefits!

Option 1: Friday night

Messages From Your Animals

An Introduction to Animal Communication
Friday, April 5, 7-8:30 pm
Price $25.00

Are you new and curious to the idea of being able to know your pet’s inner thoughts? This low-cost-low-time option is perfect for you. Returning client or student of Asia’s? Come for the fun and get in on the intuition buzz, hear more pet talk tips, feel the group support and possibly win a free reading!

This seminar helps you understand how animal communication works and if this is something you can do, too! (Hint: It is!) Asia will lead you in a guided meditation to open your heart and give you the opportunity to communicate with your own animals. Experience what animal communication is like when Asia speaks to the animal companions of several randomly chosen participants!

A drawing for a free 1/2 hour session with Asia finishes off the night – a $160 value!

In Messages From Your Animals, you will receive:

  • The basics of how animal communication works (you might have called this your “gut,” “instinct” or “knowing,” these are a forms of animal communication)
  • Be led in a guided meditation to receive a special Message of insight or healing from your own animals
  • Experience live animal communication session
  • Learn how to take your relationship with your animal companions to the next level
  • Discover how your pets can mirror you or take on your aches, pains and areas of needed healing

Registrations can be taken at the door.

Option 2: Saturday, April 6:

Private In-Person Animal Communication Sessions

Sold Out – Click Here to see other In-Person Dates

Do you find that the window of time for just being curious at what your beloved pets have to say has passed? Do you and your animals need some serious face-to-face and hand-to-paw time? Asia will offer her 16 years of experience for you in 1/2 hour animal communication sessions. Bring your pets or pictures.

This is your opportunity to talk directly with your beloved animal companions and hear the special messages they have for you, all with Asia’s expert guidance. Do you have a burning question you’ve been longing to ask your dog, cat, bird or horse? Take advantage of this opportunity to have Asia personally speak with your animal companion.

Limited times are available and must be scheduled in advance. Scheduling a session is easy by clicking the Join This Event button taking you to Asia’s on-line scheduling program.

Option 3: Sunday, April 7, from 10:00am – 1:00pm

Messages From Your Animals:

Learn How You Can Hear Their
Transformational Wisdom

Mini Animal Communication Class

  • Have you ever wondered what your cat or dog is thinking?
  • Are you worried about your animals behavior?
  • Losing money and sleep because your dog or cat is damaging your home?
  • Would you like to deepen your relationship with your animal companions?
  • Would you like to receive a profound and transformational Message from your pets?

I bet your answer is, “Yes!” to at least one of those questions. Thousands of people have attended Asia’s classes and fulfilled their heart’s desire to connect and understand their animals. Her teachings will bring you relief and bridge any gap between you and your animals!

Asia’s Messages From Your Animals, Mini Animal Communication Class can help you stop making easily correctable mistakes so your cat stops scratching your antique furniture and only claws it’s cat tree, or to finding out what your dog’s favorite things are in the whole wide world so you can make him happy! And find out what profound transformational messages your best love in the whole-wide-world has for you.

Learning how Animal Communication works in an exciting, gentle and step-by-step manner will not only bring joy into your life, but save you thousands of dollars in veterinarian bills!

“Asia created a safe place to learn…my favorite part:
detailed feedback confirming we were on the right track…”During Asia’s class she created a warm and safe place to learn while providing us all with ample opportunities to ask questions and practice what we were learning. My favorite part: the detailed feedback of our experiences confirmed that we were on the right track and if not, kindly re-directing us. I’ve also noticed a stronger bond with my animals and it continues to develop daily. Thank you, Asia, for this wonderful gift! My cat Romeo thanks you, too! – Jori Neys

In this mini class, learn the essentials of animal communication

Step 1: Energy, Breath & Grounding Connection

  • Learn about the telepathic link you already use in communicating with animals and how to increase it
  • How to interpret the different kinds of messages you receive and if you are clairvoyant, clairaudiant or more
  • Breathing skills that spontaneously open the heart leading directly to the soul of your companion
  • Learn a profound grounding skill, normally only taught in Asia’s full classes

Step 2: Heart-to-Heart Connection woman & dog

Learn how to quiet your mind and focus your attention. Relay messages with greater clarity and detail between your heart center and your beloved animal companion’s heart center. You will have the opportunity to:

  • Practice your communication skills.
  • Enjoy exercises and meditations that open your heart, increase your awareness and understanding of animals and your receptivity to telepathic communication.
  • Deepen your communion with all of life.

Step 3: Let’s Talk to Your Animals

Asia will lead you in a profound meditation combining the skills you learned in Steps 1 and 2 into communicating with your own animal companions and finding out the special Message of transformation, insight or healing for them and for you. Asia will assist those needing guidance.

Space limited to the first 50 attendees!
Price $79

(A large percentage of the class fee is donated to the animals of FVHA!)

Registrations can be taken at the door.

You don’t want to miss out on these amazing,
fun and possibly life saving techniques that
will lengthen your cat or dog’s life!

All Events Held at:

Fox Valley Humane Association
N115 2 Mile Road
Appleton, WI 54914

Asia Voight has been communicating with animals, nature, and spirit beings for over 30 years. She is an internationally acclaimed animal communicator, spiritual teacher, author and radio host who has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox TV as well as countless radio shows like Rick Lamb, Hay House, Olympic dressage rider Jane Savoie’s and Coast-to-Coast. Asia has graced the covers of many publications such as Brava and Women Magazine, the front pages of the Wisconsin State Journal and the Fitchburg Star. Asia is committed to supporting animals and people in making the complete connection of love and understanding in their relationship. Learn more about Asia, her work, and how her near death experience affected her life and sent her on her divine mission to help animals and people.

Contact: Asia Voight Animal Communicator and Intuitive Life Guide

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