Jesus Dog, Raises From the Dead!

Spring has arrived and as new plants begin to peek from the snow we are reminded of transformation. Everything once dead or seemingly so begins to awaken. The story of Jesus dying on the cross and raising three days later, celebrated through Easter reflects this same theme. Can pets raise from the dead, too? Here is the story of Houston, a 15-year-old Cattle Dog, who unequivocally answers “Yes!” He gives animal lovers hope in the strength of the soul that is surrounded by fur.

Houston Visits the Vet
“Please, no – not a lump!” pleaded Claudia, as tears rolled down her face. Her dog Houston is Claudia’s best animal friend. An urgent trip to the veterinarian left her reeling. “I’m sorry Claudia,” said Dr. Landon. “Houston’s tumor is an aggressive cancerous cell mass. There are no traditional treatments due to his age. Get ready to say good-bye to him and call if you need me.” With slumped shoulders, Claudia headed home.
Houston’s health quickly deteriorated as the once active farm dog lay unmoving. Known as a “chow-hound” he refused to eat; even his favorite treats were ignored. Worst of all, the tumor broke open, bleeding profusely. He would soon be dead. Claudia knew it was time, and yet her budding intuition wouldn’t allow her to call the vet to come to the house.

“I knew I had to talk to him,” said Claudia. “I was afraid he was suffering. I didn’t want to rush his process either. I needed help.”

Asia Talks to Houston
Claudia set up a phone appointment with me. When I connected with Houston, I could feel he had started leaving his body. Many pets will do this when uncomfortable in order to ease physical pain. Once he spoke, his strength and conviction was clear. “I don’t like people messing with me!” shouted Houston. I am a trooper and in charge of my last breath. I do not appreciate someone wanting to take it from me before I am ready!”

Continuing translation for Claudia and Houston we clarified burial requests, use of essential oils and herbs to be given, and that he was open to energy healing. “I never give up!” Houston blared out as his closing statement. Claudia agreed to sit with Houston supporting him through his journey. He had always been a commanding presence and she would honor him to the end.

Later, on my own, I connected with Houston telepathically. “Houston, I’ve learned new techniques to clear past cordings and outdated beliefs that could be holding your body and mind in pain, not allowing you to heal. May I use them with you?” I faintly heard a “Yes.” Thirty minutes went by as I felt damaging karmic past life traumas leave Houston’s energy field and chakras. He was energetically lighter, and a joyous ease filled his heart and body. I asked the angels to close his tumor to stop the bleeding.

A Miracle!
Days went by and I energetically checked to see if Houston left his body – nothing. Now the end of the week, I was stunned to realize I had not experienced him “flying by” toward the other side. (I sometimes feel this with my long-time clients) I had to contact Claudia.
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“He’s up and eating Asia!” said a delighted Claudia. “The next evening after our appointment Houston lifted his head asking for food. Quickly, I scrambled him an egg and he ate it. I followed this with baby food; he licked that up, too. The next day the tumor stopped bleeding. Claudia went on to say, “His eyes are bright, and his tail wagging! Thank you Asia for helping me with my miracle boy!”
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