Intuitive Guided Life Reading






For over 20 years, I’ve helped people unblock their lives, by getting Divine answers to questions like:

  • Why do I keep making the same mistakes?
  • How can I get past my fears?
  • What do I have to do to feel in control of my life?
  • Is there any hope for me?

Emergencies: Asia may have a few emergency sessions available. Please email to see if there is an emergency appointment available.



If you need assistance contact us.

A life reading will reveal possibilities and options in your life you may never have thought about. You’ll get insights and ideas which may be painful or joyful. It’s all OK. It’s always safe, enlightening, and you’re always in control.

For all souls who have incarnated at this time, we are here to become awakened, shifted, peaceful, creative and spirit-infused. The journey can be frightening. But with each profound shift, deeper and more beautiful aspects of ourselves are revealed showing our gifts to the world.

“This is a LIFE reading! And it’s HUGE!”
– Mary O., client


An appointment with Asia will give you a sense of peace and clarity as she reveals your path. Asia asks to be shown only what is for your highest good. She allows your guides (animal and spirit), angels and departed loved ones to show her pictures, images, feelings, words and a storyline of your present and past lives.

No matter what Asia is seeing, you always have free will or choice to accept this as your truth or not, and in your own time. Please remember Asia is not always meant to know all outcomes because knowing may hinder your growth, or because all the universal connections might not be in place yet. Everything Asia is receiving she will share with you.

Angelic Vibrational Healing and Clearing also available if needed to heal and clear out karma, pain and fear.

Appointments are over the phone and some limited in-person. (In Madison, Wisconsin)

Fees include mp3 recording

30 Minutes: $205

60 Minutes: $305 

The mp3 recording will be emailed to you the day after your session.

Once a session is scheduled, payment is required to reserve your space. PayPal and Credit Cards accepted.

Emergencies: Asia may have a few emergency sessions available. Please email to see if there is an emergency appointment available.

If you need assistance contact us.

Life Reading Testimonials

“True to your abilities, with the help of my cat Red, you gave me a healing Guided Life Reading. You gave me precisely what I needed to see and hear on that day. I was awed by the immediacy and speed with which you honed in on my need for healing.

Through the healers you connected with, you were able to tell me things and details you could not have known. They could only have been revealed to you through your connections to a greater energy. You told me the truth about past life issues, in a kind and gentle way, giving voice to feelings that most readers would have avoided. I feel blessed to have had this profound experience.”
— Lillian L. R.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Asia multiple times over the last few years, always for amazing communication with my animals—these experiences left me breathless and in awe, thirsting for more as I opened my eyes wider and wider to the realization that all of this is so very, very real.

I recently had the opportunity to work again with Asia for a Life Reading. Hold onto your horses for this one folks! I went into this with my eyes open and my mind willing to accept any and all. If I had any doubt of Asia’s ability, any doubt of the spirit world—they were quickly abolished as time and time again I was not only shown, but given proof of their existence. I was given messages, lessons and above all, they were delivered to me in a compassionate and patient format. Asia is truly a professional who is concerned with all her subjects, be they two legged, four legged or non-physical. I look forward to my next visit with Asia and consider it an honor that she will work with me. Thank you!”
— Tina Ashcraft, Accountant, Stiles, WI

“I was very excited about my Life Reading session with Asia. I have worked with her for years with my dogs and have had excellent results! Now it was finally my turn!

I didn’t know what to expect, but what she relayed to me during our session was so unique and hit on so many issues dead on – I was amazed, excited and overwhelmed – all at once!
When Asia told me about my Guardian Angel – I simply KNEW it was true…. at work, all my friends laugh and say how much I love the ‘sparkly’… I always look for the shirts with ‘sparkle’ – bits of crystals, sequins, glitter – and I love crystals. I have a lot of crystal jewelry that i love… Well! Asia tells me my angel is Extra Sparkly!! more so than angels usually are – AND her name is Crystal… WOW!

My guides wanted to concentrate on my body to convey the dire importance of the health crisis I am in. What they conveyed covered so many touchpoints of issues I suffer through and brought to light the WHY – things I think I knew inside but never acknowledged. My Angel and Guides also gave me homework to begin my healing process – a new journey I am now embarking upon – wish me luck since I think its going to be quite a ride!
I highly recommend that you too consider a session with Asia to begin YOUR new journey!”
— Dianne G. – Illinois; IT Security Analyst

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