Deb and Zeke

Zeke, my best canine friend can comfortably ride in the car for the first time in years. After one talk with Asia, which was filled with the incredible true details about Zeke’s challenging past, (Zeke told her, not me) his demeanor softened and he could finally relax. Asia told Zeke he was now safe and in his forever home. It worked, I could see her message went into his heart and we are now closer than ever.

I’ve been watching Asia work at the Fox Valley Humane Association and for years have heard her students and clients rave about her: accurate, incredible teacher, warm and funny speaker, authentic, filled with integrity and kindness…all positive feedback, I’m glad I finally jumped in, and so is Zeke.
Deb Lewis, Director of the Fox Valley Humane Association for 26 years

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