tiger votkValley Of The Kings

Listen to the wisdom of the big cats
and feel their powerful presence.

Saturday, October 12, 2013
1:00 to 4:00 p.m.
Sharon, Wisconsin

Valley of the Kings is a sanctuary for lions, tigers, leopards, cougars and other large exotic animals in need of a safe refuge. These animals are not adopted but have a safe, forever home at the sanctuary. Come and hear their stories, share their unique wisdom and allow these majestic beings to assist you in your journey. Experience a new level of intuitive awareness in their presence.

You’ll meet new friends such as Raj, a tiger who lived in a horse trailer and was dropped off at a petting zoo. He had been poorly declawed as a cub resulting in crushed toes. Raj now uses three legs to walk and has a sweet and lovable disposition. Raj was diagnosed with lymphoma and treated with holistic cancer medications. He is now in remission and loves to play. What insights can Raj give you about life with challenges?

Join Asia Voight for a communication journey to Valley of The Kings where she will assist you in opening your abilities to speak one-on-one with some of the 200 amazing animals who call Valley of the Kings home. Valley of The Kings is not open to the public. Only members and their guests are admitted. As a member of this non-profit organization, Asia is inviting you to be her guest for this special communication event.

The cost of this experience guided by
America’s Foremost Animal Communication Expert,
Asia Voight is only $97

(includes admission, donation to Valley of The Kings and a snack)


ivy votk

Charlie was rescued from a movie producer who used a fire extinguisher regularly
to move him from one place to another.

Talk with Charlie and hear his story of survival.

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